OSHA Certified, third-party Site Safety Supervisor & Management

At DE Safety Solutions, we offer a vast array of Safety Consulting Services… One of our specialties, is providing pre-qualified and OSHA Certified- Site Safety Supervisor / Safety Officer(s) for your job site. These job sites include construction, demolitions, maintenance, refinery or turnaround projects. Providing a 3rd Party Independent Safety Officer / Supervisor, will help keep your job running smoothly and making safe practices and OSHA compliance a top priority. We have a vast library of qualified Safety Specialist’s coupled with the experience to meet any certification/specialty requirement. We can develop your written plans, conduct site audits and develop site specific plans.

DE Safety Solutions has more than 20 years of experience working with OSHA and its regulations. We can help you make sure your workplace is a safe and ready environment for all its employees. All while saving you money and avoiding harsh OSHA penalties and fines. Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members Today!

Site Safety Supervisory

We are happy to provide a FREE Phone Consultation, and present a personalized proposal, to meet your specific Site Safety requirements

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A Site Safety Manager/Supervisor Are Responsible For Things Like

Implementing OSHA Guidelines at all times, to avoid injury & penalties.
• Developing Site Safety Plans for construction sites.
• JSA’s, Safe Plan of Action and Safety Observation Reports.
• Implementing Site Safety and Health programs, equipment inspections, air monitoring, and overall safe working conditions on various job sites.
• Presenting training courses from 1926 CFR & 1910 CFR Construction, 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Transport, Confined Space Entry, Safety Attendants, Fall Protection, Electrical Safety, Inspection of Safety Equipment, Rigging Equipment, Electrical Tools, Welding Equipment.
• Site Control, SOP’s, Safe Use of Engineering Controls, the Emergency Response Plan, Confined Space Entry Procedures, Spill Containment Program, and Preparation of Records, Daily Safety and Health Inspections.
• Conducting Safety Orientations for workers and subcontractors as well as implementation and enforcement of Fed/OSHA and Cal/OSHA Rules and Regulations.
• Lockout, Tag-Out Procedures, Vehicle Entry Permits.
• Hot Work Permits, Trenching Permits, Water Rights. Electrical Safety Inspections.
• Documenting OSHA Recordable, Employee Injuries, and Contractors SPA’s (Safety Plan of Action)

Our Certifications And Training Credentials Include:


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