Winter Walking GRIPS® 4″ PVC Overshoes

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GRIPS Over-the-Shoe All-Traction Footwear is designed to increase traction in a variety of slick conditions—from snow and ice to oil and grease. The sole of GRIPS features bands of sandpaper-like aluminum oxide that enable GRIPS to offer increased traction above and beyond that of normal rubber-soled shoes and boots. The sandpaper-like bands are both non-conductive and non-sparking. Not only will they help increase traction in slick conditions, but they are also safe to wear indoors as well as while driving. This makes GRIPS the perfect solution for a multitude of industrial applications.

  • Increase traction in slick conditions
  • PVC construction, low cut black overshoe
  • Safe for wear during driving and indoor wear
  • Sandpaper-like aluminum oxide for increased traction
  • Non-conductive, non-sparking sandpaper-like bands

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