Swenco Limited MetGUARDZ SEN605 Black Pull-On Metatarsal Protector with Straps


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The Swenco Limited MetGUARDZ SEN605 Pull-On Metatarsal Protectors with Straps deflect and disperse the impact of falling loads. They are the perfect economical solution for visitors, temporary workers, clerical, sales people or for any situation requiring metatarsal protection. MetGUARDZ™ are used with the user’s existing safety footwear. It can be easily laced onto the footwear using the existing laces and the provided straps. Meets or exceeds both CSA and ASTM Metatarsal Impact performance criteria. Color: Black. Quantity: 5 Pairs/Case.

  • Meets both CSA & ASTM Metatarsal Impact performance criteria
  • Patent-pending hinged lacing system allows for easy tying and untying of safety footwear
  • Secured with existing laces and straps provided
  • Practical, transferable between users
  • Suitable for most types of safety footwear
  • Resistant to Slag, Acid, Alkalis, Fuel Oil, High and Low Temperatures
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: 5 Pairs/Case


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