Showa 477 Fully Coated Foam Nitrile Glove


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Revered for its unique combination of cold protection and tactical grip performance, SHOWA 477 is ergonomically designed to keep your hands dry and warm in the most extreme environments.

  • Insulated liner protects provide barrier from cold ensuring warmth and comfort all day long
  • Fully double engineered coating protects against liquids and water penetration
  • Impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments, keeps your hand dry
  • Dual nitrile coating technology provides optimal grip longevity
  • Highly flexible and resistant to abrasion and tearing
  • Replicates the natural curvature of human hand and so reduces hand fatigue
  • Dual nitrile coating technology, extra coating on palm
  • Seamless knit
  • Fixed acrylic terry liner
  • Anatomical hand shape design

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