Magid® Weld Pro® Flame Resistant 30″ Leather Jacket


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Magid 106T Weld Pro all leather welding jackets are manufactured from the finest hand-picked leather hides for consistent quality and long wear. The leather is strong and flexible, and the special tanning process allows it to remain soft when continuously exposed to heat. It is extremely durable, yet economical when compared to high temperature synthetic fabrics. This tan, 30″ leather welding jacket has staples and rivet reinforced stress points, and the seams are sewn with Kevlar thread. Each of these welding shirts feature snaps at wrist and collar, an inside pocket, hang loop and snap closure front.

  • Tan deluxe leather
  • Soft yet strong and flexible 30″
  • Staple and river reinforced stress points
  • Kevlar sewn seams
  • Snap closure front, wrists and collar
  • Inside pocket and hang loop


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