Magid® ROC® Hi-Viz Thermal Coated Work Glove – Cut Level A2


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As temperatures drop, insulated hand protection becomes a necessity in outdoor environments. The new Magid ROC Hi-Viz Thermal Coated Work Gloves deliver superior comfort, dexterity and cold weather protection. Protected by the Hyperon shell, this combination makes the HV200W perfect for construction, waste removal, transportation and cold storage jobs.

  • Insulcore Thermal Lining defends against cold temperatures
  • Durable 13 gauge Hyperon shell delivers breathability, comfort, and 360° cut protection
  • NitriX Grip technology three-quarter coating ensures a secure grip in wet, dry or oily applications
  • High-visibility color enhances worker protection and compliance
  • ANSI Level A2 Cut Resistance, ANSI Level 3 Puncture Resistance, and ANSI Level 4 Abrasion Resistance
  • Color-coded elasticized overcast reduces fraying and acts as a visual aid in sizing
  • Machine washable for longer service life


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