K1 K1MID Mid-Sole Regular Original-Profile Ice Cleat


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The Geroline Devisys K1MID Mid-Sole Regular Original-Profile Ice Cleat is designed to fit traditional heeled work boots that have a defined heel. Adjustable straps (high-visibility orange) are easy on and off. This lightweight, versatile, anti-slip traction aid significantly reduces slips and falls in icy conditions. K1 Mid-Soles are easy to fit and wear. Users can operate vehicles and perform most regular duties while remaining safe on the job. Cleats can be rotated up or down as needed. Comes in poly-bag packaging ideal for vending machines.

  • Durable, embedded tungsten carbide studs
  • One size fits most traditional work boots with defined heels Industrial quality
  • Adjustable straps (High Visibility Orange)
  • Can be rotated to top of footwear when entering buildings or not needed
  • Leave on for driving; for climbing ladders just rotate the Mid-Sole away from arch
  • Poly-bag packaging ideal for vending machines
  • One Size Fits Most


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