Fibre-Metal SUPERGLAS F706 Fiberglass Welding Helmet


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Specially formulated SuperGlas material and rugged construction meets the needs of the most demanding welding environments. Self-extinguishing, smooth helmets deflect sparks and spatter. Reinforced crown, throat and edges resist cracking. All operating parts can be easily and economically replaced to lower service life cost. Full size, curved bottom design accommodates OSHA required protective spectacles; respirators and hearing protection while blocking smoke and fumes.

  • As tough as SuperGlas helmets are, they are easy on the welder
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Equipped with Fibre-Metal’s classic 3-C free floating headgear that balances and stabilizes the helmet while providing multiple adjustments for individual fit, feel and a better view of the work
  • A well protected, comfortable welder stays on the job longer and produces more no matter how tough the job


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