Dunlop Purofort+ Expander Charcoal/Black Full Safety Boots With Vibram


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Purofort boots prevent heat loss and offer outstanding thermal properties. Due to the unique recipe and molecular structure, all Purofort boots assure excellent cold insulation down to -20 °C. And even down to -50 °C in case of Purofort Thermo boots. Purofort boots are classified as CI, meaning that the temperature decrease measured at the upper surface of the insole does not exceed 10 °C after 30 minutes.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Purofort PU provides greater comfort, durability and thermal regulation than rubber, neoprene or PVC
  • Vibram XS outsole for durability and slip resistance
  • Below zero temperature protection
  • SRC rated slip resistant outsole


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