Bullard RT Series Tychem QC Double Bib Replacement Hood



The Bullard RT Series Tychem QC Double Bib Replacement Hood provides high-performance respiratory protection through a comfortable sports neck cuff design that helps maintain positive pressure inside the hood and keep contaminants out. The patented over-the-top air delivery system supplies air over the user’s head, down the front of the lens, and into the breathing zone. This system helps to promote the curvature of the hood for a better fit to the user’s head. This unique air delivery method provides for a positive seal, minimizes fogging of the lens, minimizes dry eyes and nasal passages, and provides a reservoir of breathing air to help maintain positive pressure.

  • The widest lens on the market (135 sq. in.) provides for unobstructed visibility
  • Long inner and outer bibs for splash protection
  • Full body cooling effect as air passes out of the respirator and across the user’s body when the bibs are tucked in
  • Independent front and rear inner bibs help eliminate shoulder fit issues
  • Available in either DuPont Tychem 2000 (RT3) or DuPont Tychem 4000 (RT4)
  • 1,000 APF (Assigned Protection Factor)


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