3M™ Speedglas 9100FX Welding Helmet


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T he new 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Welding Helmet combines legendary Speedglas quality and auto darkening technology with an innovative wide-view grinding visor to give welders an all-in-one solution for more flexibility, precision, and efficiency. The exceptionally clear, wide grinding visor offers a greater field of view in all directions, while a smooth flip-up pivot mechanism assures effortless transition from welding to grinding modes. New front air exhaust vents help reduce fogging, and highly adjustable suspension and well-balanced design enhance the well-known Speedglas top performance and comfort qualities.

  • Exceptionally large 8″x4.25″ protective visor with 105 degree viewing angle significantly increases user’s field of view in all directions.
  • Smooth flip-up pivot mechanism allows for effortless one handed use and quick transition between welding and grinding modes.
  • Compatible with all 3M Speedglas 9100 Auto Darkening Filters(Shade5, 8, 9-13,and tack mode).
  • Includes SideWindows with exclusive Shade5 filters allow you to see others working around you.
  • Meets the mechanical strength requirements of EN175 level “B” and ANSI Z87.1–2010.
  • Includes spark deflector, and optional flame-resistant extended ear and neck protection accessory for added protection from welding hazards.
  • Front and side air exhaust vents minimize fogging and enhance comfort, particularly during extended use.


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